Social Services for Disabled People

We set our starting point as the citizen’s own ability and resources in order to promote health. Our goal is to pinpoint structures that can reduce distances between users and decision makers. The ambition is to reach social citizens (who are a target of administration’s activities) through welfare technology and awareness.

We want to provide executives and co-workers with the ability to shift the adaptation requirement from the citizens to themselves. The purpose is to promote health and to give the citizen the opportunity to continue to be in control and to achieve basis to co-create the used utilities. What we achieve together should be perceived as meaningful, manageable and comprehensible.

Schedule: The pilot will be implemented in 2019.

Geographic area and target groups: The pilot targets the disability care and social citizens in disability care in the municipality of Jönköping

Executives, co-workers and local organizations. Other areas within the municipality of Jönköping that are involved in some parts of the pilot.

Pilot actions:
Providing technical infrastructure and information materials for citizens.
Improving the co-creation process within social documentation.
Developing a common approach based on user-friendly and health-promoting perspectives.

Expected results: Strengthened co-creation processes in disability care in the municipality of Jönköping.

CoSIE partners involved:
Jönköping municipality
Karlstad University

 Contact: Eric Tennevi,