Reducing Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity represents a critical public health problem. It can be considered as multifactorial disease associated with serious health and social consequences in adulthood. In the province of Reggio Emilia, a multilevel and multi-target program for prevention and management of childhood obesity has been developed. The program is called BMInforma (Bimbi Molto In forma = Very Fit Children) program. CoSIE pilot is part of this program.

The goal of our pilot is to strengthen the collaboration among the stakeholders operating in the various areas of prevention and treatment of childhood obesity inside and outside of regional health services. To facilitate the interaction with families the pilot is developing a mobile app.

Schedule and pilot actions:
The need assessment phase of the pilot: Nov 2017–Nov 2018
The second year of the pilot is about designing the App. App prototypes are tested by selected families of the province. This will lead to the creation and finalization of the App.
Re-definition of the service organisation network will be implemented during May 2019–May 2020. After which the App will be introduced and promoted.

Geographic area and target groups:
The target audience are the families living in the province of Reggio Emilia; especially families with overweight and obese children but also families with children who do not have particular weight problems.

Many local Health Authorities in Reggio Emilia such as family paediatricians, hospital pediatric services, primary care units are dynamically participating in the project activities. There are stakeholders that are part of the province and services connected with the province like Reggio Children, Officina educative and Reggio City Without Barriers). In addition, parents, schools, sports associations and volunteer associations are actively involved in the pilot actions.

Expected results:
One of the expected result is the launch of a digital tool – an App. Digital technologies will support the active relationship between pediatricians and families to address the problem of obesity. The idea is that the app will be a part of the everyday life of the participating children and that it will provide beneficial information for families and paediatricians and to children as well.

We are aiming to change the organisation of the service delivery network when promoting healthy lifestyle. The pilot will co-create and implement preventive interventions in the community.

CoSIE partners involved:
University of Bologna
Local Health Authority in the Province of Reggio Emilia
CUP 2000 Scpa 

Paolo Giorgi Rossi,
Irene Marcello,
Teresa Gallelli,