Livin Lab Meeting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


CoSIE partner meeting was held 26–28 November in Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Nearly 40 researchers and practitioners from the UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Estonia, Sweden and Finland were gathered for sharing experiences and planning further project activities. Several workshops, lessons learned sessions, formal meetings and informal discussions were organised during three days meeting. The main theme of the meeting was the Living Lab support to nine real-life pilots which are being conducted in three waves. With the friendly and professional guidance given Rob Wilson, Mike Martin and David Jamieson of Norhumbria University, we learned a lot of how Living Lab concept can be deployed for identifying the opportunities and challenges with co-creating services in multi-stakeholder context. The next partner meeting will be held in Bologna 28–30 January 2019.