Follow the CoSIE Seminar Online 5th February!


The CoSIE project organises a seminar in Utrecht on Wednesday 5th of February 2020.

Follow the keynote speeches on why we would (or would not) want to co-create, and about the use of methods like narrative techniques or technology at 11–12 CET on line here!

The following presentations are available online:

Opening Words
by Jean Pierre Wilken, Professor at HU Knowledge Centre of Social Innovation

Narratives in Co-creation
by Rob Gründemann Professor at HU

Collaborative Cities and Local Development
Valeria Montanari, council member of the municipality of Reggio Emilia in Italy

Responsible Co-creation
by Johan Versendaal, professor HU Digital Ethics


The CoSIE project is about experimenting and finding methods and solutions for different ways of co-creation in public services.

The afternoon of the seminar is filled with interesting and innovative workshops. During which, we are proudly presenting successful experiments on how municipalities can come to solutions for social issues, such as improving the quality of life in a neighborhood, improving the service to disabled people, or giving more personalized support to unemployed citizens. We are also providing information on how big data and narratives can play a part as a successful tool for co-creation.

The workshops are not available online, but in case you are interested, we provide the themes of the afternoon program below.


Workshop Round 1

Using Living Labs for Co-creation
by Flórìan Sipos and Rob Wilson

Co-creative Social Media Data Curation
by Jussi Kokkola, Harri Jalonen and Zsolt Bugarszki

Collaboration between Social and IT Domain
by Rosa de Vries, Bernhard van der Biessen and Johan Versendaal

Workshop Round 2

To Co-create or not to Co-create
by Hayley Trowbridge, Arthur Kocken, Flórián Sipos

Social Hackathon: Experimenting and Experiencing Co-creation
by Zsolt Bulgarski, Kadri Kango and Kristina Amor

The Road to Co-creation: a Map
by Michael Willoughby