Entrepreneur Journeys


In the end of May, a group of seven entrepreneurs from Valencia (Spain) explored how video storytelling techniques could help them communicate to others how they became entrepreneurs, what motivates them, what challenges they have encountered on the way and how they have overcome these, and what successes they have had. As part of the Community Reporting training, the entrepreneurs got to grips with video recording techniques, using them to capture short snapshot stories about their experiences as part of the Spanish pilot – the Co-Crea-Te co-working and mentoring space. They then used storyboards and mind maps to pull together their ideas about their entrepreneur journeys, before bring these ideas to life on video and with photographs. They then used basic editing skills to combine them together into short films.

These stories shed light on important issues about co-creation and entrepreneurship such as how people came to their ‘a-ha moments’, the value of mentoring and coaching, how to make the best use of your talents and interests, how to build effective networks and much more. The stories will be appearing on the Community Reporter website soon.