CoSIE Seminar in Bologna 30 January 2019


Year 2018 was the first year of action and innovation in the CoSIE project. Now it is time for the first check up. What have we learned? What are the tools of co-creation we have developed so far? After one year, how do we see the opportunities and status of co-creation in Europe?

We want to invite you to the From Local Learning to Mutual Development seminar on the 30th of January 2019. The seminar takes place in the Aula Poeti of the University of Bologna (Via Zamboni, 33, Bologna).

In our seminar, the visiting speakers Dr Taco Brandsen from Radboud University and Dr Jari Stenvall from Tampere University provide insights for the state of the art of co-creation and co-production research in EU. In addition, several professionals and experts from CoSIE share their experiences from ongoing CoSIE pilots and co-creation initiatives.

CoSIE seminar agenda: From Local Learning to Mutual Development

If you are interested to participate, please contact before 25th January 2019.