CoSIE Pilot Launched in Finland


The Finnish CoSIE pilot is starting the actual co-creation phase this spring. The first step towards that was the kick-off meeting held 8th of March 2019. The kick-off targeted professionals working in different fields but all somehow connected to marginalised youths, which are our target group. So far, we have gathered background information for instance with the Community Reporter videos last autumn. After that, we held a dialogue about our findings in January with young people representing the target group. We wanted to widen our understanding with the service situation in Turku and to create a common understanding amongst the professionals and us.

Wide variety of professionals working directly or indirectly with marginalised youth attended the pilot kick-off meeting. Various service sectors (social, youth, management) from the city of Turku, vocational schools, employment office, the social insurance institute of Finland and several NGOs were represented. Together with the pilot team, participants created communication charts around four different types of marginalised youths, which were laid on the profiles recognized from the Community Reporter videos.

The pilot raised much discussion and interest in the meeting. The professionals said they were able to recognize the profiles we used. This discussion and the communication charts we made create a foundation to which we are able to build our Hackathons later on this spring. In Hackathons, we are trying to find solutions and new ideas related to existing problems, together with the marginalized youth and the professionals working directly with them.

Hanna Kirjavainen, Turku University of Applied Sciences