Co-creation in Nypels


In the neighborhood of Nypels in the Netherlands, the inhabitants are more than fed-up with the litter in the streets. Many times, and in many different ways  this problem has been tackled, but to no avail yet. It was time to start co-creating with the residents of the apartment buildings.

One of the ideas from the residents was to stop locking the containers where everyone should dispose their waste. A smart card was needed to open these. Often the bags and boxes were ditched beside the container if someone did not have their card on them. The municipality, housing agency and welfare organizations together with the garbage collection organization listened and changed the system.

On June 22nd the containers were opened. The experiment seems successful! Monitoring the amount of waste will be done for the next three months.

Thank you co-creation!

Before (see picture below) vs. after (see the featuring picture of the news)