Entrepreneurial Skills for the Unemployed 

The objective of Co-Crea-Te (Co-Creating Value in Public Employment Services) aims to positively affect the lives of citizens who currently find themselves adrift from the working world. They will experience an environment where their opinions are valued and taken into consideration and where they become a part of the value creating process. The pilot provides them with the necessary tools to engage in business creation projects with a view to creating scalable long-term businesses and thus provide job opportunities to others.

The main aims and objectives are thus:
1. To improve the business and other capabilities and skills of those looking for work
2. To improve the quality of training/mentoring being offered in the area of business creation
3. To create as many projects as possible with potential for constitution.

The subaims of the project are:
1. To personalize public services offered in business creation as much as possible
2. To potentially bring about systemic change in the way public services are being delivered in terms of user involvement in co-initiation, co-design, co-implementation, co-production and co-evaluation.

Starting in 2019 the pilot is initially planned for six months but the City Hall of Valencia is offering incubation and mentoring to startups for a maximum period of 2 years under the “Co-Crea-Te” scheme.

Geographic area and target groups:
Unemployed people who are interested in finding out more about the business world and who would like to develop a business idea in the city of Valencia

The Co-Crea-Te pilot is based on a process of co-design, co-implementation and co-evaluation between potential users, university, public administration and third sector organizations. Co-Crea-Te seeks to contribute to the active employment policies currently being carried out by the Local Authority of Economic and Sustainable Development (Valènciactiva), which is providing new services and infrastructures in a concerted effort to reintroduce active employment policies into the local ecosystem. It is an opportunity for universities, industries, NGOs, trade unions, cooperative associations and others to come together and create something of value. 

Pilot actions:
To provide a co-working space for as many pilot projects as possible within a 2-year period.
To provide a constant mentoring and coaching service to trainees/entrepreneurs to accompany them right through every step of the business creation process.
To organise conversation of change events with upper echelon decision makers to attempt to bring about systemic change within a co-creation framework. 

Expected results:
The Co-Crea-Te pilot provides an opportunity for local administration to take the lead and harness a move towards an e-governance model where citizens lie at the heart of a collaborative process. It is clear that all the elements of the social fabric that surrounds business creation needs to be involved in this process.

During the pilot activities, the proposed creation of 5–8 constitutable business projects is our rough target.

CoSIE partners involved:
Foundation for Employment in the City of Valencia
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Michael Willoughby,
Raul Linuesa,