Community Reporting in the UK Pilot of CoSIE

In the United Kingdom, the stories that were gathered were from people currently on probation, peer mentor volunteering within the probation services (i.e. former service users) and professionals working in probation. The stories gathered focused on three key topics: (1) perceptions and understandings of personalisation, (2) experiences of the probation service (user perspective), and (3) motivations for and experiences of working in probation services. You can access the stories here.

In the UK pilot, there were two main purposes for utilising the Community Reporting methodology:

An insight tool: To gather and curate insight stories about people’s experiences of the current probation system, from the perspectives of people on probation and professionals working in the sector. This provided the pilot with a layered understanding of the current service from different perspectives.

A reflection tool: To reflect upon people’s current experiences of the service through the lens of personalisation and identifying the key enhancers and threats to personalisation within the probation. This learning was transferred into more concrete knowledge around how to create a wider culture of personalisation within probation services.

[Through Community Reporting] we could hear people’s views directly
Pilot Lead

Experience of probation services

Experience of probation

Motivations for working probation services