Community Reporting in the Spanish Pilot of CoSIE

In Spain, the stories that were gathered were from entrepreneurs (those who have accessed and those who have not accessed the pilot’s services), unemployed citizens and employment service professionals. The stories gathered focused on (1) their experiences of unemployment, (2) their experiences of supporting people who are unemployed, and (3) their experiences as entrepreneurs and the support they have received on this journey. You can access the stories here.

In the Spanish pilot, there were three main purposes for utilising the Community Reporting methodology:

An insight tool: To gather and curate insight stories about people’s experiences of being unemployed, entrepreneurship and/or supporting people back into employment to produce a set of key findings on topics pertinent to the pilot. This provided the pilot with a form of needs assessment and a mapping of the current context that the pilot is being established in.

A dialogue tool: To establish a dialogue between different stakeholders about key topics pertinent to the pilot’s focus in order to support ideas generation for the pilot and the specific intervention(s) it would make. This supported the pilot to bring different perspectives together in the same space, create an active listening culture and ‘open’ thinking concerning ideas for the future (see also D3.3, Section 3.2.1 for further details).

A reflection tool: To reflect upon people’s experiences of the pilot and their entrepreneur journey, in order to support the identification of the pilot’s key successes and challenges it has encountered. This provided the pilot with rich, qualitative evidence of their key learnings to utilise for future developments and add depth to other quantitative measurement indicators.

[The entrepreneurs] realised that they, at that point, they were made conscious about their journey by using this methodology because we asked them to think about this journey.
Pilot Team Member.

Passion for entrepreneurship

Challenges with finding employment

Lack of support