Community Reporting in the Polish Pilot of CoSIE

In Poland, the stories that were gathered were from older people who reside in the neighbourhood that the pilot focuses on (and other residents), local community leaders and wider stakeholders of the pilot process (i.e. local NGOs etc.). The stories gathered focused on (1) their perspectives of their neighbourhood and their needs as residents, and (2) their reflections on co-creation processes. You can access the stories here.

In the Polish pilot, there were two main purposes for utilising the Community Reporting methodology:

An insight tool: To gather and curate insight stories about older people’s experiences of living in the neighbourhood in which the pilot is taking place. This provided the pilot with an understanding of the older people’s perceptions of their neighbourhood in terms of what they valued about the area and what the issues were from their perspectives.

A dialogue tool: To establish a dialogue between different stakeholders about co-creation and its usages in the wider context of the pilot. This supported the pilot to bring together different perspectives to discuss the opportunities that co-creation presents, as well as the challenges to its implementation. This also included sharing the practice of Community Reporting with other organisations in the area in order to widen the impact of the CoSIE project.

I believe that the biggest impact from the Community Reporting method has been in making some kind of connection between the local resident leaders and empowering them to have influence on local activities – they can influence their surroundings, they can influence the decisions of the local authority. This name – Community Reporter – created a social group for them and they feel more connected and proud of their new function.
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