Community Reporting in the Finnish Pilot of CoSIE

In Finland, the stories that were gathered were from young people who faced varying degrees of marginalisation such as homelessness, unemployment, being a migrant, and having an addiction. The stories gathered focused on (1) their needs, (2) their experiences of support services, and (3) their aspirations for the future. You can access the stories here.

In the Finnish pilot, there was one key purpose for utilising the Community Reporting methodology:

An insight tool: To gather and curate insight stories about the lives of marginalised young people in Turku. This provided the pilot with a form of needs analysis of young people facing different degrees of marginalisation and a wider contextual understanding of their lives and the issues they were facing.

I think the videos had tremendous impact in the pilot because they formed a basis for what we did after that. We created 4 profiles for the target group… and we planned our Living Labs and hackathons on these profiles.
Pilot Team Member

Feeling disconnected

Struggles with life

Lack of support