Co-housing of Seniors

The main goal of the pilot is to disseminate and popularize the idea of co-creation in Poland. Particular attention is given to the social housing of seniors. The implementation of assumptions developed during the pilot will raise public awareness in this respect and develop new arrangements of co-creation within the local environment.

Pilot actions start during the other half of the year 2019.

Geographic area and target groups:
The participating target group of the pilot are seniors from Wroclaw municipality who live in the Popowice district of the city.

Collaborators include Municipality of Wrocław and the Housing Community “Popowice”

Pilot actions:
The pilotCreates a space where residents come together to shape ideas on new ways to live, agree on solutions, and then implement, monitor, and – if necessary – modify them.

Expected results:
Development of an innovative model of co-creation in a micro-scale in urban Polish environment in Poland.

New roles in public space for seniors in older residential areas. During the pilot, a laboratory structure will be constructed. The implementation will focus on the vision and actions developed in close collaboration with stakeholders, beneficiaries, residents and informal leaders. The laboratory actions will be carried out simultaneously on two levels: 1) practical implementation and 2) dissemination of results.

CoSIE partners involved:
Fundacja Aktywny Senior (Active Senior Foundation)
University of Wrocław

Contact: Anna Janus,